Upgrading to a 7700K from a fx6300.

    About 2 months ago I upgraded my GTX 760 to a blower gigabyte GTX 1080.

    Willing to spend around £500. Any suggestions / advice on motherboards / ram?

    Also how much do you think a 4.6 GHz fx 6300 cooled with a h60 will go for without a GPU and with a r9 270?

    As well as this I already own a 240gb sata ssd. Is it worth the nvme upgrade?



    This is going to be one of those personal preference things; the Ryzen 1700 with a B350 motherboard might come in at a slightly lower price than the 7700K/Z270 motherboard, and while current non-optimised games etc at 1080p seem to still be a little faster on the Intel, you do get double the number of cores & threads on the AMD, which in the near future could well be a bonus. 16GB of RAM is still plenty for now, 3000-3200MHz would be ideal but 2400MHz is still fast enough.

    If you're only gaming, the 7700K is faster (for now). If you're gaming and streaming, the 1700 should have the upper hand. If you edit/encode videos, the 1700 would win.

    Native NVMe isn't really worth it for most users even over a TLC based SSD, usually only for intensive loads such as video editing, busy databases etc, or unless you really want to spend more money.
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    To save a little money you could go for Skylake still. Z170 / i7-6700k. You can still overclock to 4.6 safely. I bought my bundle from overclockers


    As well as this I already own a 240gb sata ssd. Is it worth the nvme … As well as this I already own a 240gb sata ssd. Is it worth the nvme upgrade?

    You don't say which disk heavy tasks you're doing but probably not.

    If you are only gaming get a i5-7600k with a decent z270, overclock it to 4.8ghz.

    Performs the same in gaming at the 7700k but costs £120 less

    If you're planning to delid the 7700k then I would go for a good rated overclockable board with very stable VRMs. I don't know much on this topic but assume more power phases is better to reduce strain.
    Lots of questions you need to ask yourself aswell. How many SATA devices are you planning on running on this unit, form factor, cooling type, RGB headers required, onboard sound, PCIe/USB soundcard or HDMI to a home cinema etc ?

    Before spending on a faster drive check your performance records to see if you're suffering from any bottle necks.

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    Thanks for the replies
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