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Upgrading to BT Fibre 250 Halo 1 from BT Infinity., Engineer Help!

Posted 30th Oct 2020
HI All,

I am upgrading from Bt Infinity to the new Fibre with halo with BT. Fibre 250 with Halo 1, so 196-286mb potential.

Some help with engineer visit

What gets changed?

1. Is the bt box in the wall changed to a new one?
2. Is it new wiring, so old current setup is totally revamped?
3. Do they need their own equipment in the house running their BT Hub etc

Reason I am asking

1. I dont use the BT Hub, I am using a Asus RTAC68U and Uibiquti wifi hub
2. main BT wall box was daisy chained to a new location, when we did a extension (but original is still the main inlet).
3. I need to find the BT Hub somewhere in the loft, i don't even know which one I have!

Dont mind if it redone from the start as I can add the older equipment back in - but, unsure what is actually happening or changing as I can't find much info online.

Anyone have this new BT fibre halo and shed some light

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