upgrading to vista home premium

    does anyone know if this computer (link below) is compatible with vista home premium 64bit,its on media edition 2005 and windows xp…WQ=

    on the specs list on the link,it says processor and then it says

    64bit computing:YES

    does this mean it will work with the 64bit version of vista.

    What are the differences between 32bit and 64bit of vista versions

    How do i find my IMEI number on my computer,so that i can send it off,iv already photcopied my receipt is there anything else i need to supply.



    I think you mean OEM number. It should be on your computer box/case.

    As for your other question, soz, I've no idea.

    Original Poster

    iv just run that windows vista upgrade advisor and everythings ok except for

    REALTEK HIGH DEFINETION AUDIO,it said they couldnt find information on this device.what does this mean.i dont even know what this is,all i know is that its always on the toolbar on the bottom left of the screen,is it working and how do i tell.

    anyway that windows vista upgrade advisor was checking for compatibilty issues for the 32 bit version,is there one for the 64bit.

    Iv heard that when you get a upgrade to vista,you get the 32bit and 64bit version in the same package,is this true.So you can just choose which one you want,is this right
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