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    Hi, just wanting some advice. I currently have virgin media internet and there super hub, speeds and connection are decent on ground floor, a little shakey on second floor and almost non existent on third floor and in back garden. Will getting a new modem/router (combined or separates) be worth while? Some suggestions on products welcome. I've read a little about the orbi which I think is a router and satellite, is that worth having if still using the vm superhub? Also is built in vpn possible with it? TIA



    Have you thought about getting either a repeater or power lines in to a second router/broadcaster?

    A pack of powerline adaptors might be a better place to start.

    I can't comment on actual performance as I've not yet bought one but I've researched using a router for vpn use. I understand that cpu power is important in achieving a decent broadband speed as the involved encryption is demanding.

    The following cpu performance/broadband speeds are suggested

    • 600 Mhz = 8-10 Mpbs
    • 800 Mhz = 15-25 Mbps
    • 1.0 Ghz = 20-35 Mbps
    • 1.4 Ghz = 25-45 Mbps

    in this link -…up/

    I'm looking at getting a Netgear R7800 but have not yet talked myself into it! Reading reviews of the router, most users comment on improved wifi coverage.

    I got a VM Superhub 3 a few months ago and found this improved signal strength and wifi speeds than the previous Superhub 2.

    WiFi range extender.

    SH stays where it is in modem mode with an ethernet cable feeding a new router (with known greater wifi coverage and integral VPN) placed in a central location. All other solutions involving wifi extenders (that typically half the available bandwidth) and/or powerlines are compromises and additionally may not suit VPN expectations.

    For three floors you are going to have to run ethernet cable to each floor with an access point ( wifi connection ) on each floor or just drop down to 2.4GHz with some larger aerials. Higher the frequency the less penetration you have so 2.4GHz wifi N is the weapon of choice for distance.…ce/

    From my experience powerline networking is fine for smaller buildings where there are no noisy white goods connected to the same run i.e. washing machines, fridge freezers, cookers etc but not so good on larger buildings over distance. Plug in the hoover or switch on a hairdryer and you end up with issues.…g/3

    If you're hell bent on a single wifi router then place the router on the 2nd floor nearest the area where you use wifi the most.

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    Thanks for the advice so far, I do have a powerline adapter up to the third floor and it's ok for streaming but far from perfect. With three floors, 3 kids, me and the Mrs the wifi gets some hammer lol. Built in VPN is appealing as we do stream a lot and download occasionally.

    Superhub in modem mode, plus one of these:

    Netgear R7000 running (Advanced) Tomato firmware for VPN client capability
    Netgear R7800 running Voxel firmware for VPN client capability

    The latter will be more capable of handling faster speeds for the VPN, and slightly better wireless range.

    have hub 3 but it's in modem mode. Put a Asus router in. Ran cat6e round the house. But also got 2 old routers acting as access points.

    Coverage is second to none and Virgin cannot see past main Asus router. Also get full speeds off Virgin on wireless

    I have a large home with concrete slab floors, and the only way I have solved the issue of WiFi coverage is to run cat 6 cables in and use dedicated access points.

    I'm currently using 2 x Ubiquiti Uni-Fi AC pro access points from a PoE switch. They are simply awesome. I bought them from broadband buyer and they come with a free cloud controller system to manage the network. There is an android app I use to log in and configure things. The kids are on their own SSID with a schedule that turns it off at bedtime :-P

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys will have a read up on these later today

    The Netgear Nighthawk R7000 has excellent range or a mesh system such as the BT one would be good:…fi/
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