upload big picture in post not small thumnail

    hi how do you put a big picture in a comment post, as i only know how to add image to thumnail on deal image but have seen huge photos under the reply/commnt posts thanks


    see the icons in the reply box...put the piccy link into the yellow one with mountains and a sun.

    also u can use imageshack or photobucket if u r copying one (ie not a google images one!)

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    tried that it just put web link for imageshack there

    Right click on the picture that you want to upload and then click on properties. Highlight the url link for the picture and copy it. In the message box that you want to show the image - click on the 8th icon from the left - looks like a picture with a stamp on it. Then paste the url link and hey presto your picture should appear in the post.

    Haven't explained that very well - sorry. :-)

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    worked this time cheers

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    added rep thanks

    Nice one.

    sorry for confuzzling u
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