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    when i normally upload photos it opens my pictures and i can select how many i want to upload but now for some reason its not doing that now and it comes up on the screen saying trouble uploading try the simple uploader, so now it only lets me upload 5 pics at a time, but when im trying to do this now it keeps going onto a internet explorer cannot display the webpage, does anyone know how i can get it back to normal and upload how ever many pictures i want, thanks


    Hi, I've had that problem as well. I ended up going on firefox browser which allowed me upload all of my photo's.

    If you've got Vista or Windows 7, then get the Facebook plugin for 'Windows Live Photo Gallery' - If you haven't got this app, download it from Microsoft…ery

    You can select your 200 or so pictures and then Publish 'Live Upload' to facebook.

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    i dont know whats happened as the other day it was doing it fine and all of a sudden its started doing this. will try downloading that thing.
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