Found 15th Nov 2009
can tell me how to do it on here please ?

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Photobucket - upload pictures - copy and paste the link given

uploaded it here first.,

and thn you have to copy and paste the link where it says insert image

or i use this one

i use ]TinyPic its quick & you dont need an account.
just browse for your pic, when its uploaded click the symbol in your post & then insert the image url from TinyPic.

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omg it sounds confusing lol thanks though will have a look

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you trying upload these

Here is a really good "how to" by Rayman that should help : ]http//ww…941 :thumbsup:

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yeah thats right hey what did i do wrong lol



you added http:// twice, if you edit and delete one of them it will work, oh you havent copied the right link either


yeah thats right hey what did i do wrong lol

when you click the it already has the http://, i just delete that bit and add the tinypic url as it already has that bit.

i hope that make sense.

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great thank you

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thanks richp rep given


it is the second link you need to add just copy it and paste it into post, no need to use the pop up, its called

IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards

as Sassie says you can use the link it gives you which would be



if you post the second link it will show as a pic rather than a link, also you need to save your posts for editing to add pics, if you continue to keep adding pics without saving it will be seen as bumps, you can add 5 pictures to one post, so if you have 5 items reserve the 1st post, if you have 10 reserve the 1st and 2nd post, etc,etc then hit edit to add pics
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