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uploading pictures and videos to cloud

Posted 12th Mar
im looking at uploading videos and pictures online and im looking to see what is best its got to be summit like google or apple ect something like that. is google photos seems to be free ive got 115 gb.

dont mind paying

thanks kev
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If you don't mind paying I would highly recommend Office 365, £60/year gets you Office and 1TB of storage for 6 people.
Put the videos on YouTube but make them private
nice one ill take a look at office 365. youtube idea dont wanna risk it. want it probably ta thow.
I had the same issue last year.....I ended up using Google photos which is free for unlimited photos up to 16 megapixels. I also use you tube to beck up my videos and set to private. Also free. You can pay for other services but if you're just looking for a cloud backup to your physical backups then I think this is fine.
google photos all day long - accesiible then from all your devices and if ever a device gets suggered you just buy another device and access your google account
don't dismiss onedrive either and add dropbox and pcloud into the mix
my best recommendation though is to weed! chuck away all the non-essential photos
oh and dont forget to store them also on other media locally - there is no real guarantee that the likes of google will last forever and you can bet your bottom dollar the internet will be down when you most need it
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