Uploading videos to the net

    Would like to upload a video onto the internet so that family and friends can see it but don't really want the whole world to so that rules out you tube. Any ideas would be appreciated.


    Hi you can post it on youtube and then before you upload you can choose to make it only avaliable to friends on there not the general public! not sure if that helps you but thought I would let you know as its really easy sticking it on youtube!

    all the best jake:thumbsup:


    Youtube you can only allow certain accounts, or you could put the video … Youtube you can only allow certain accounts, or you could put the video in a passworded zip file and upload it to somewhere like rapidshare, that would be my preference.

    you beat me to it:-D

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    Thanks like the certain accounts feature on youtube. Will investigate. Some of the people I am uploading it for are not that computer savy so rapoidshare probably out.

    I just suggested tinypic because who the hell goes to watch videos on there

    passworded zip file would work great


    can set videos to private then only give access to the people you want
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