Found 28th Apr 2008
After buying a Vax cylinder vacuum cleaner and wasting no time in knocking over and breaking 2 of the wife's orniments I've had my orders to get a upright cleaner.

I know Dyson are meant to be to dog's danglies (but after having 2 I'm not sure why as niether have lasted more than 2 1/2yrs) but thats what she wants so is it possible to get them at a reasonable price?



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For later on, it may be worth remembering that Dyson offer fixed price servicing - currently £65 - including all bits, in your own home and with a years guarantee.

When I had my DC07 motor replaced (Internet prices for Motor + post-motor filter getting on for £60 delivered anyway) the guy replaced the clutch, belts and cyclone at the same time.

And yes, the Dyson sucks - as they say - like a top dollar masseuse.

We had a Dyson DC08 which was quite dire to be honest and then we thought that an upright would be a better solution.

We plumped for the Dyson DC14 Overdrive from Comet for £199 ( I think the price has gone back up to £329 :() I have to admit that we are very impressed with this vacum cleaner, nothing has broken, unlike the DC08, the suction is excellent and we are able to use some of the additional tools we had from our car kit although you are supplied with plenty with this cleaner.

If you can find a deal on this, there may be other versions for around £199 still then its worth having a look at the DC14.

We have a westie so we bought the DC15 animal and it's brilliant. Sucks any stray fur literally from across the room! You can pick up deals that include free 5 year warantee in some places so look out for these as I paid an extra £65 for this back in Dec 2005 (no problem with it or repair needed so far) . Check Tesco as you'll get a fair amount of clubcard points too - especially if you can wait until the next triple points offer.

Must say we have a DC14 Animal Reach it's brill we have a springer spaniel and the dog hairs are terrible, this dyson gets rid of all that . I paid £186 fom littlewoods direct with 20% discount code either xx221 or xx223 and put it through quidco. 5 year warranty and it practically sucks the carpet up it' like having a new toy (sad housewife!!!) It comes with a turbo head which is great for the car or the sofa and the stairs.

Always worth taking out extended warranty or theres always the £65 one off maintenance/repair deal. I've had mine for over 6 years now DC04 and its done the job well but on the down side theres a price to pay for the maintenance and upkeep due to its flimsy construction.

Extended warranties are supposed to be a rip off. Just mug up on exactly what your rights are under the Sale of Goods Act (As amended). and remember, your contract is with the shop, NOT the manufacturer!

are you still looking as i might have a deal for you?

I am on my second dyson. The first lasted over eight years without any problems and I vaccum nearly every day especially when the children were small. My mum and mum in law also bought theirs at about the same time and had them also for around eight years. The one I have at the moment is over five years old (DC07) and I am just in the process of buying one for my son for his new flat. I wouldn't go back to anything else.
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