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Found 4th Jul 2006
Guys here the story (skip to next para if not interested;-)):

My House Lady has told me that she will not be accepting this months rent due to on going house work (the house is a mess) but I think she deserves atleast some.

So I have decided to get her a nice Upright Vacuum Cleaner (I dont know what they are cold). I just want to make it clear, Im NOT after the normal vacuum cleaner but rather the Dyson & Hoover ones.

Please advise what model & make is recommended and any good price (ofcourse, that had to come:p).

Many thanks,
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DYSON DC07 & DC14's can be found for good prices. eBay is generally good for new dysons, however as always there is always a risk with warranty.. but if you buy from a registered business, dyson customer services in my experience has been excellent.

The Dyson 'Animal' or 'HEPA PLUS' aka 'ALLERGY' are the ones to go for.

Hope it helps,

Nice gesture Kayote

Dyson DC07 upright vacuum cleaner is available at Empiredirect.co.uk for £129.99 inc Free delivery. This is the cheapest price I could find for this model

Where: ]Empire Direct

Go through Quidco for extra 2% in cashback

Hope this helps ;-)
If you buy a Dyson from John Lewis **before July 24th** it comes with a 5 year guarantee instead of the standard 2 years (need to send a form to Dyson). See:


Note - the web price is OTT but the prices in store are much lower - The Dyson DC07 upright should also be on sale for about £130 in your local JL - if not phone around a a few JL's in e.g. North of England/Scotland to get the best price and then get your local JL to price match with them....worth it for the 5 year guarantee.

You can find store contact #s via the 'our shops' link at the top of their website.

Take a look at: ]http//ww…uk/ to see the difference between the various models though. In my opinion Dyson vacuum cleaners are the best cleaners available.

Good luck!
[COLOR=black][SIZE=2]You are right Martin, Dyson is the best. I used all sorts of cleaners before buying a Dyson DC04. Was amazed to see the 'clear bin' turning opaque...[/SIZE][/COLOR]
Sometimes I think the dysons don't really live up to the hype, i've had a few problems with mine over the years.

A friend of mine told me about this one and she loves it and says it is better than the dyson not tried it myself though. Sebo Felix 1 Premium. Cheapest I can find online is £179.94 at 24/7Electrical.
Check this post out...

Wow, Im impressed by the feedback. Many thanks all.

First of all, I am not going for a normal vacuum cleaner as she already has two of them (cheap ones but more than adequate) and because of the strain on the back they put, Ive decided upon upright ones.

BUDGET = £200.

Im not too keen on this Sebo Felix primarily because of only 1300 watts powers. Any opinions on Hoover DM4523? Looks powerful and nice...

Martins offer of Dyson sounds good but I cant find what power this DC07 has...

Last but far from least ... Thanks all!!!
Don't get fooled by the figures Kayote. I used 2 own a 'Bagfree' Hoover cyclone which I got instead of a dyson a few years back. I brought it over a dyson because as at the time I thought was getting a good deal as the the no. of 'watts' was greater than the dyson and it was below it's RRP.

What a disaster! It was terrible, I never realised how bad it was until my GF moved in and brought her dyson with her. I did a clean with the Hoover and did then after that my GF did the same area with the dyson, and the amount of extra 'dust' that the Hoover had missed was unbelieveable.

Like everything in life... it's not size that counts, it's what you do with it :P


ps. according to JL website DC7 wattage is 1200W
Hi - if you look at the Dyson website you'll see they talk about 'air watts' or something like that. Btw - most uprights can be quite awkward and heavy if you have to lift them up stairs for some people - especially those who are maybe elderly or have e.g. back problems. Cylinders vacs can also be heavy for some but they are a bit easier to get a grip of...
Thanks Martin.

Air watts are the measurement of the suction at the end of the pipes. E.g, in the upright it is in the base of the cleaner, but in a cylinder cleaner it is at the end of the nozzle. In cleaners, the air watts on an upright tend to be higher, making them more powerful, as the air does not have far to travel, whereas with a cylinder the air has to travel the length of the pipe and loses strangth as it does so.

Went all technical on you there!!!
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