UPS - Anyone used them to send a parcel through Interparcel?

Found 29th Dec 2010
Hello, just wondering if anyone has used UPS/Interparcel Economy that is on the Interparcel website and what their experience is.

Upon collection, do they provide documentation, scan your parcel or just take the items you booked and load them in the van?

Thanks in advance.
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Used them loads but my brother does work for UPS so feel a bit more secure. They normally just take the items then scan them in the van. Never had any go missing and have sent quite a few. The documentation you print off from an interparcel email and just stick it on (contains the address and bar code all that is required). Make sure you put it on before collection though as sometimes they refuse to take and will not wait till you apply it.
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Used them loads but my brother does work for UPS so feel a bit more … Used them loads but my brother does work for UPS so feel a bit more secure. They normally just take the items then scan them in the van. Never had any go missing and have sent quite a few. The documentation you print off from an interparcel email and just stick it on.

Thanks, I've used them a few times and had the same person collect, always scanned the parcels on my doorstep then took them.

Today, I wasn't in and my mum opened the door, the driver was different and he didnt scan the parcels, just took them straight down so was just wondering if thats normal as I've experience differently while I've been at home and had a few collections.
I had some form of premium international delivery through Interparcel using UPS just last week (sent on Monday). The driver did not provide any documentation or scan it there and then however a few hours later it was available to track online and the package was delivered to Poland on the Thursday. Seemed fine to me
Have you checked on the UPS website the pick up scan tends to update quite quickly should give you piece of mind. I think it auto syncs every time they place the pad into the cradle in the van.

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Can anyone use UPS delivery service or do you have to be a business
The best tracking information I get is when I use the Interparcel tracking number which takes a while to update.

From previous attempts, the tracking number which can be used on UPS seems to show the billing date correct but shows history of someone elses order as being delivered sometime last year or earlier this year!

Thanks for the replies, hopefully it gets scanned at the next depot and I'll have no worries, off to work now, pray and hope he aint dodgy lol.
UPS Cost Tooooo much....
Depends how you book Zak, the parcels did not show up as scanned later on that night, what a relief.

How do I go about rescheduling a missed collection via Interparcel?

Also one of the buyers I posted to when the item wasn't scanned but eventually was, for some reason won't be available for two weeks, sent me a last minute message.

They attempted two deliveries obviously he was unavailable, would it be returned to me or would they hold onto to it and deliver when he is available which is going to 10th of Jan.
8.11 1-3 delivery attempts will be made for each Consignment, depending on the service if unsuccessful the Consignment will be returned to the sender.

Was the missed collection your fault or did the courier not turn up

The couriers themselves make very little from the 3rd parties which is why they have strict terms for collections and deliveries. If you were using there service direct they would be more accommadating reguarding missed collection/deliveries. If the missed collection was your fault they will probably make you book a new job or you might be better off taking it direct to the local UPS depot where the job should still be valid thats what i have had to do sometimes when i know i have to leave so will not be available up to the collection cut off time.
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Appalling Service - why should they have customers with service like this?

I am a 45 year old man living on my own in a property near London, I have waited in all day today for UPS to collect one parcel from my house to be delivered in Leicester tomorrow. Without this parcel being returned I am unable to receive my refund for the goods.

Apart from this I am a disabled individual with major mobilisation issues, I struggle to walk, talk and at times find it impossible to physically move my muscles to get out of bed. Today was one of my good days, I was up on such a beautiful day, but thanks to UPS had to spend the whole day indoors awaiting the arrival of a courier driver that NEVER turned up. Thank you UPS! I have CCTV on my property so if I had missed the driver I would have at least been able to see what time the driver arrived. There was no calling card left and not a single sign of a UPS van or driver on my road at anytime throughout the time slot I was given. The time is now 22:49 and still I have received no notification as to what is happening.

Apart from the above the staff in the call centre were far from helpful and generally just tell customers what they want to hear. WELL DONE UPS AN OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE!!!!!!!! If you didn't realise I am being sarcastic which is more than you deserve.
First time using this company !!! It **** !!! Tell me it yr delivery will be next day delivery but now!! I am waiting all day for two days now!!! But didn't see anything!!! And when I check tracking number it not going on !! Just still same place !!!
Great service able to track on line and see jut how far into Europe my packages have got too. and economically priced too.
A total disaster! Every company has a hiccup from time to time. However, it is the way the hiccup is dealt with that sorts the men from the boys. The problem was foreseen and Interparcel were made aware of it. Their standard nice, words, and promises, brought total inaction and silence. They have been black-listed here.
interparcel are ok until something goes wrong like a lost parcel -then they give you the runaround- no claims form -just parroting responses like - 'we are waiting to hear from the courier' for weeks on end!!!!
Order ref: 15831120
Interparcel should be wiped out from the business arena. They are a cheap middle man with no customer's commitment or ethics.
I booked them for 3 suit cases. With all correct measurements, I paid in full by direct debit card for the 2 days delivery service.
They postponed the pick up five times over five weeks pretending that the DPD driver could not find my flat in "Zone One" Central London. With today's GPS technology, this is the biggest liar's tale.
I asked them to give my number to the DPD driver to call me for directions. They refused, under the excuse that DPD drivers have no company phone, therefore they won't call me.
This is another Liar's tale. I used DPD in the past, they delivered to most remote address and called me to confirm address' landmarks and availability.
They asked me to take my suit cases to a dropping point, we spoke to the person incharge to accept them. I went to the dropping point with my luggage. It was a supermarket. The man confirmed that it is a dropping point for DPD, but for small parcels only. He confirmed further that no one spoke to him from Interparcel. I returned home with my suit cases.
Finally, I was thinking between a court case or a refund. I opted for a refund because I consider them too low to enter a court room. Rather, they should be in a rubbish room.
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