UPS has delivered item but I don't have it

Found 30th Jun 2008

I ordered some stuff, was shipped on 24th so i thought I would like to check where it is. I enter my tracking number on the UPS site and the status shows delivered and signed by some dude this afternoon. The doorbell did ring, but my mother said that no-one was there when she opened the door.
That means someone has got my package? Does that mean I have lost my stuff and my money? Surely I cannot be liable for this can I?

Just hoping someone could help, before I send a formal complaint and do whatever. So any suggestions?

Thank you, James.
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Had this problem before with Parcelforce.....if they have a package to be signed for, and no-one is in, they just scribble on the e-pad and bang it through the letter-box or in your shed.....lazy useless sods !!
First port of call should be UPS to get a copy of the signature and name.Then investigate it from there. Have you checked with your neighbours etc.
I ordered a £2000 watch from USA, they sent it and it was suppose to be delivered by parcelforce. When i checked after it hadnt come they said it was delivered on a particular date. I then explained not to me it wasnt but the day they say they delivered it, there was Bt men working on my driveway. They had a weird signature. In the end after a long battle, i got my money back but took months and only reason was that paypal said i couldnt have it back so my credit card company did it for me and got the money back from paypal. Who did you order from? Whats the signature UPS has?
Key here is good neighbours, theres a few of us who accept parcels on behalf of each other and the regular delivery drivers/couriers/posties all know so its not a problem, you really need trust though, but at least you dont need to waste time waiting in for deliveries, never had packages go missing this way either, did when they left things on doorsteps though! Chase it up mate, either someone has come round the corner and claimed to be you and had away with it, they have left it in a shed/greenhouse/recycling box etc etc or the driver is athieving git!

thanx for the replies guys, repped yas all.

I live on a high street so it is busy, there is a pub and general dealers on either side of mine. I ordered from Diesel, had an order from them a few months ago and the guy in the general dealers took it, but the signed for name is not his.
How do I get hold of the signature online? I see

To view full delivery address information and a signature image:]Provide … To view full delivery address information and a signature image:]Provide account validation information

and click the link, and needs me to enter a UPS account number which i don't have.

Shall give it till 4:00pm tomorrow and then i will give them a call. It wasn't even a minute before my mother answered the door.
I would contact the company you ordered from, we had several deliveries from home link that went missing, it turned out t hey were just leaving in plain sight on the step, I contacted Amazon and boots and explained I hadnt received my order and they just resent them and claimed off the courier themselves.
They sent them via a different courier the second time though!
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