UPS shipping label cockup

Posted 9th Aug 2020…age

Only help they give you is to say use the shipping windows popup. I closed it as I thought it was spam after printing 3 labels. Only way I can get a shipping label window up is after paying; which was £21. This is a gift to a steam friend in the USA. I booked the shipping date for tommorow so their email support won't cut it.

I've attached 3 copies of the invoice (I used 1 as the "address label"). All I can do now is go back tommorow to the UPS dropoff point and show him a picture of the "help" page.
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You can reprint your label here:…_GB

Otherwise I don't really understand what you're asking?
You’re not actually asking anything
"Please enter your payment information below. The information you enter will be transmitted using a secure connection. Required fields are indicated with"

Thanks but
I don't want to pay twice.
I have no shipping label!

Edit: Just posted it. Told him to give it to the driver. Its got the shipping and return and a bar code on the invoice and I added 3 more copies of that.

Edit 2: Now I'm waiting for them to send me a postage label, they work 9-12 now in the morning.
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It's like when you walk into a room in the middle of a conversation and try to piece together what's being talked about
FYI you can find the button to print UPS label from the "void shipment" page and the button is among about 10 others accessed by clicking another button.

My parcel is on its way to America.
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