Upsy Daisy tights

    Does anyone know which shops (not online shops) have upsy daisy tights as my auntie is looking for some for her grand daughters, she has MS so she does not find it easy to get around and I am not currently in the UK so can't look for her, any help would be appreciated thanks.


    Tights with upsy daisy on, or like the ones upsy daisy wears?

    What age?

    Would it not be better if it was an online shop since she cant get around easily???

    Ebay have some, just been through the listings and places that people say they are from include Next and Asda

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    Thanks for the reply not really sure which ones she wants as i am getting the information 3 hand, but she does shop a lot in next so i will email her and let her know thanks, she does not like shopping online, plus despite her illness she loves to go shopping.

    Asda ones look nicer IMO, more girly

    Glad I could help

    i have 2 new pairs but size 6-12 months. let me know.

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    i have 2 new pairs but size 6-12 months. let me know.

    Thanks but they are for a 2 year old

    saw some today in Next
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