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HI like everyone we're starting to feel the pinch i'm doing up my house and would like some suggestions on the cheapest places to buy pvcu doors and windows as all the sites i keep finding claim to be cheap or sell at factory prices but this is rubbish as they are still more expensive than b&q or wickes so if b&q can sell them for less there must be a factory direct you can buy from thats cheaper still. there is a huge mark up on these products i know as i bought some pvcu french doors from wickes last year on offer for 220 pound delivered for the same size any where else i was being quoted up to £700 from so called factory priced or outlets please help :-) ps as always will be fitting myself so deals including fitting are useless to me as evern daels with free fitting isnt really free as you pay on the markup for the doors
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upvc doors and windows are like most things you get what you pay for. The profiles used vary as does the quality of glass and ironmongrey. Some windows are not reinforced properly or fully welded.
Why not just get them from Wickes if ya fitting them yourself :?
the 1s i got from wickes were on offer now they are not. they were top quality steel framed and weilded 10 yr gaurentee you dont always pay for what you get lots of companys just put huge markups on things especially on windows and doors just look at some of the prices on everest or safestyle then look at b&q and wickes prices and trust me there is no difference in quality all steel framed and weilded and up to new bulding regs
What new building reguulation? do you mean they comply with part L ? This will not cover quality?
I hope the windows or doors you get perform. I see loads of failed UPVC units. Your choice of profile is very important( ie Veka or Rehau) with good quality double glazed units (k glass) and quality ironmongrey.
If you think Wickes offer this then fine.
they come with a 10 yr gaurentee so even if they break they are covered the reason you probably see failed units is due to incorrect installment without using the correct spacers the tension of the bolts will rip apart the plastic weilds of any frame evern expensive 1s
i think you must work for some sort of expensive company and are fooled by expensive marketing techneques k glass wow all that really does is reflect the heat radiation a little bit better i was after cheap 1s not a lecture on quality as long as they are secure and dont fall apart and look good and are energy efficiant comared to my old wooden door i dont mind
I do not work for a window company, but tried to explain the price differences. You have mistaken this for a lecture, it is not a lecture but an alternitive ( and well researched) contary opinion to yours.

I hope you find the product you want.
check the gaurentee you may find the windows have to be fitted by a Fensa approved contractor or subject to a building regulation application?
try contacting North Wales Building plastics, AND BEFORE YOU ASK NO I DONT WORK FOR THEM !
Thanks Fern
will google it now for the no :roll:
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