uPVC window fitting question

    Replacing the glass in a uPVC frame there is a sticky black rubber like tape between the frame and the glass that forms a seal. This is compromised - do you know what it is called and where can I buy some, either real shops or on the 'net?



    I had the same problem and replaced it with Gaffer Tape. You can get this from B&Q where it might be called Elephant tape. It is basically the same stuff used by doubleglazing firms and is waterproof. I'm thinking you have the old 19mm double glazing too.

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    anyone know if this is the same stuff?…mit


    thx.anyone know if this is the same … thx.anyone know if this is the same stuff?;jsessionid=MWRM22TU3BYVMCSTHZPCFFA?_dyncharset=UTF-8&fh_search=dry+glaze&searchbutton.x=0&searchbutton.y=0&searchbutton=submit

    I don't think so, the security tape is usually thinner than that, it is basically waterproof double sided tape.

    its anti theft tape for windows glazed from the outside usually on the ground floor. you need to replace it with the same to stall burglars, (takes about ten minutes to remove glass) you can find it in most trade window centres. if you use gaffer tape your glass could be removed in about 15 seconds by a burglar! hope that helps.

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    I don't think it is security tape I want - this is thicker and not that sticky - I think it is just to seal it. Goes between the inside frame and the glass. The plastic surround on the outside locks with an allen key - which I assume is to stop the glass lifting straight out.
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