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Found 13th Oct 2013
Does anyone know of a product which can remove expanding foam stains from a white upvc window frame? I've tried lots of household cleaners, white spirit, turps, petrol, but nothing shifts it. I just wondered if there were any window fitters out there that know of such a product. Thanks!
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Had similar problem I used a UPVC cleaner from astonish, you can get it from Amazon, did the job for me. the frames on a couple of windows in this place had expandafoam and heavy grey colour from years of not cleaning them, took a while but the cleaning did the job.

Tcut also do a good cleaner too, so I have been told.
Thanks jimbo, I'll give it a go!
try wd40
CIF, or stripping solvent and fine scourer, used the solvent last week to remove marks and it worked.
These are more like stains though, I think the frame is discoloured.
Would not recommend cif or scourers, unless you want scratched pvcu

Soudal make an expanding foam remover, use this first
Then Use a proper pvcu cream cleaner gently first with warm water such as
nationalplastics.co.uk/gb/…__/ , this is what the industry uses.
Use a White paper roll such as to apply
NOT a scourer(Scratches as does cif) and NOT Blue Roll (marks it blue)
Then rinse with warm water and white roll.
Then Apply a solvent cleaner
and clean with white roll to finish

Do not use stripping solvent or T10 they can melt the plastic if used incorrectly, T10 is used for heavy scratches

If you go to a local PVCu trade supplier (fascias,soffits etc) they usually sell to public as well and carry these products in stock and can offer correct advise

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