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Found 24th Nov 2008
I have been offered 2 laptops both of which are brand new & sealed in the box.
The TOSHIBA one is £350 & the SONY one is £500.
FYI the Blu-Ray is a little bit of a red herring for me as i would not use the machine for blu-ray.
That said which would be the better buy in terms of Quality, reliability and performance?




I'd go for the Sony.

It has a slightly better processor and it comes with some useful and expensive software such as Photoshop.

All in all the Sony is worth the extra £150.

i would go for the sony anytime the specs are more alike the same thought but sont will give you its monies worth

Sony, i love my vaio

I would look at what you need it for, if it's just for the internet and playing the odd game when why pay £150 more

I realise this is a bit late, however just some points of note:

- The sony is slightly better spec, but only slightly and I wouldnt say it is £150 better.
- Do want it for watching movies on? if so then the Sony is the one you want
- if not then again I woulde go for the Tosh
- Are you planning on carrying it around a lot? if so then remember the Sony is bulkier and heavier.
- Support - Sony tech support sucks to say the least. Tosh on the other hand have good reports for their tech support.
- do you connect lots of perichperals, camera's, mice,. keyboard etc? The Tosh has more usb's
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