Urgent: Budget Laptop (Studying & Social)

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Currently looking for a laptop for my teenagers (13 &15) preparing for their GSCES. They need a laptop to revise (internet, word documents) and for social things aswell. Currently have a desktop HP 2007 starting to run a bit slow although I had it for nearly 10 years it was working fine, however need one that run faster right now.

Currently my kids are only using the PC or the Ipad at the moment but as my daughter is 15 (16 after her GSCES) i thought she would be old enough to have her own laptop for her studies for the next 3/5 years.

Looking to spend under £500 at the moment and want it to last for at least 5 good years. Better if there is a warranty.

Processor:Intel core 5 or above (for speed really).

Any good deals at the moment or should I wait Black Friday/ Boxing day ?


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currys are doin some deals mo , if not check out dell uk outlet.. normally they have decent spec machines there....

might be worth w8ting for black friday and just keep an eye out.

What about a refurbished one with 12 month warranty from Gigafurb.
Some good deals and specs to be had at good prices. I had one from there for my daughter for the same thing- school work. She hasn't complained and thinks it was brand new, they are really good condition.
I was really impressed and for what I paid.
Gigafurb link

If you can hold off 6 weeks then I recommend waiting for the black friday/cyber monday deals

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Ill check out and might wait until black friday or boxing day.
The computer is still usable but starting to run slow (HP desktop 2007 A6198D). Daughter needs laptop for her GSCE revisions so can be an early birthday present as well

If you don't mind refurbished I have bought several laptops and desktops over the years from IJT Direct
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