==== urgent carphonewarehouse redemption question

Found 15th Sep 2006
im just about to send off my redemption letter but the address doesnt seem right
i have redemptions, the carphonewarehouse, po box 4259, wednesbury, ws10 twz (the postcode doesnt seen right to me)

i've tried their website but its banned at work

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Hi Raj

This ad is from their website



Original Poster

thanks for that... but to me the postcode seems a little strange
shouldnt it be a ws10 *wz
where the * is should be a number
like with mine and many other addresses its N19 5XX

It says WS10 7WZ...isn't the correct format? 7 is a number.

Yeah... that's what it is...

WS10 7WZ

he he Paul :-D You seem to beat me today on replies

[SIZE=2]I just put the postcode in the R/M address finder and this was the result:-[/SIZE]

[SIZE=2]C P W [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Logistics Centre[/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]PO Box 4259[/SIZE]


Post code is right, with the number 7 i mean, Wednesbury is local to me.

Original Poster

thanks guys!

kinda a big mistake on their part....

Not Tipton I hope ?

You talking to me? Not from Tipton mate.

Give them a ring 0800 424800, option 3, option 2, option 2 - see if they can help :thumbsup: They have always been really good with me!
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