Found 11th Aug 2009
I have problem with my estate agent who is always neglecting and ignoring..
I have tried contacting him for these issue more than Dozen time via several ways ,phone and email etc and i got proof as well but he dont fix anything niether he is available on phone,email or any channel..

Mainly I stayed in this property because i like the school in which my daughter goes and i don't wana disturb his education

Sewerage/Gutter water problem in front of main door Water seeps into Kitchen and recently my son got slipped and hurt (this is the problem for last 2 months)
Never received my Tenancy despite scheme information although I paid deposit and TDS fee
our living room is above one shop but the flooring is not sound proof and proper therefore whenever we Hoover it or kids move around it disturb their business .we are cooperating each other but landlord is not fixing flooring
Electricity meter was without cover even before moving into property but after so many attempts to remind him he never provide one (health and safety hazard)

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daughter, and his education? :?
Isnt the 'tenancy deposit scheme' the Deposit Protection Scheme? When the money was deposited you should have got an account number sent to you via post...give them a ring and make sure its there.
and do you mean estate agent or thinking landlord....

have you got a contract?

stop the rent.. or threaten to do so


Wheres the Landlord.

Have the repairs done and give them bill, when next paying the rent, minus this money.:thumbsup::santa:

i would pop and see your local citizens advice address will be in the yellow pages


not ryan monks is it, sounds like him, i had him as a landlord complete waste of time, oh and he was convicted of killing someone, (15yrs) out on licence, out of prison now working as a landlord, and he also plotted to kidnap, and rob prior to the killing, sorry if post is a bit much, how someone like that is able to get a job like that is beyond me, vulnarable people, elders single parents etc .... thankfully i now own my own house,

im letting people be aware of this praticular person also,
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