Urgent help... how to get rid of the smell of death from the washing machine?!

Posted 22nd Aug 2012
As it says... how to get rid of the stench of dead things from my washing machine?

Home from hols yesterday and the house stunk. Several hours of investigation eventually located a fieldmouse that the cat must have brought in, which had crawled up inside a spare duvet and died between the cover and the duvet.

Disposed of stinking creature, and decided I was never going to use the duvet and cover but they'd do as dog-bedding if I boil-washed them. So I did - a 2.5hr 90 degree wash with tons of Persil and Lenor. And they came out as smelly as they went in, therefore going straight into the wheelie bin.

Have since washed the machine with a mega-strong cleaning/descaling powder that I've got, and a plain boil-wash with just detergent and conditioner, but when I smell the machine it still has that rancid smell of death in it and I'm scared to put any clothes in it.

Got the holiday stuff to wash, and don't know what to do...any advice on what to run through the machine to get rid of the smell? Help!!
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