Urgent help - letter from a collection agency for £21,000 !

Found 1st Sep 2007
Just received a letter in the name of my dad for just under £21,000 worth of loan which he has apparently outstanding. 1) We would never borrow that kind of money and 2) my dad doesnt take out any loans etc

The website address it says on the letter is dlcollect.co.uk/

What's weird is that all the address and name details are correct so it seems to be like someone had got hold of our personal information and it trying to pull a fast one ?

can someone please advice ... very worrying either way.


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My only advice would be inform the police and get some advice from a solicitor or in the meantime go to a citizens advice bureau, best of luck with it.

Try not to worry about it too much it will no doubt get itself sorted out but may take a while.

my god , is there not a phone number to ring or something ? if you phone you might be able to find out details like when the loan was taken out , it sounds like someone has got your dads details , if this is the case i think you need to report it to the police , x

yeah could be identity theft, checked your credit file with experian etc lately?

ditto scrooge, if YOUR sure your father hasnt taken out a loan without anyone knowing, then this sounds like identity theft. You need to contact your local police AND the company who issued the letter.Explain to them the situation.Loans maybe verbally agreed on the phone but they needs a signature, therfore they will be able to see its not your fathers signature.
Identity theft is dramatically on the increase.Always shred your private letters etc.

Re Read the letter .. i know it sounds mad but when your panicy you may mis-read bits etc. Check noone in the house has taken a loan out in your fathers name. Good Luck , dont panic too much it will sort itself. xx

Original Poster

Thanks guys.

its for a company called "Consumer loans ltd" apparently.

Yep, Report it to the police in person and get a crime number, then write to that company and explain to them that this does not apply to your father, don't ring them as they probably use a £1 a minute number.

Be very brief in the letter and don't get heated in any way. Just explain that nobody from that address has taken out any loans, and the letter should come from the person it is addressed to as well.

Why are you opening other peoples mail anyway, isn't that illegal :thinking:

Original Poster

i didnt open it, dad told me about it and so I need to help.

Forget reporting it to the Police, they won't be interested.

Write to the company and ask them for a copy of the signed agreement for the monies they claim your father owes. Do not accept any responsibility in the letter.

Companies House has no listing for "Consumer Loans Ltd", the nearest match is
Company No. 02173037

Is this the same company? If it isn't, then I think it could possibly be a scam?

If you've not taken out a loan, and the company chasing you does not exist......

There's also no match with the FSA!

Also if you have some time on your hands, ]this is worth a read, I have read some of it and it looks very much in your favour before they try anything.

Good Luck :thumbsup:

I would go to the police so as it is recorded - even if they don't do anything.

Also, write to the company requesting clarification and go along to the citizens advice too.

Hope it all works out for you, what a terrible worry for you.

Let us know how things go for you.


Do not accept any responsibility in the letter.

That's the gist I got from the website I mentioned above :x

There is another possiblity:

Does your father have a 'common' name e.g. John Smith?

Collection agencies, when searching for a debter, will use the voter's roll and search for all John Smiths with the same d.o.b.

If your father happens to share the same details as the debter - they will send a letter to him at his address in the chance that your father is the debter and has moved house.

Having been a victim of identity theft, my sole advice is to contact the credit reference agencies, experian and equifax. Well it was those when it happened to me. Costs £2 again iirc for each company and you'll get your credit file. Check them very carefully since if you have had your ID stolen you may well find some more on there, so in the short term, prepare for it getting worse; sorry just being realistic.

As has been said, send a short letter disputing you even had the loan and tell them you are in the process of checking your credit history.

Ask for dates when the loan was taken from this company since it sounds like the debt has been sold to a debt collection company, who may well themselves be baliffs.

Do not allow anyone into your or your father's address, iirc baliffs cannot enter a property without a court order but can remove items once in a property.

Finally go to the CAB asap and see what they say, since they may help you with the letter. I didn't go down that route since i knew where my "money" had been spent, went into the stores and told them what idiots they were to allow transactions on a credit card that wasn't even live yet; it was used in August 2001 and didn't have a start date til September 2001.

Be calm and i am not doubting your story and if you dad is adamant it's not him then do all the above and just do your past to stay calm

It could well be a premium rate number scam with the actual scam being the premium rate number (if there is one) on the letter - The scam being that people phone the number in a panic and get put on hold for £1 a minute for as long as you wait.

I have heard of similar scams in Web User magazine.

'Proper' phone scams aren't limited to £1 a minute either! I think anyone setting up a premium rate number can levy whatever charge per minute that they want!

sounds bad man, just wanted to post to say I hope things work out for you!

Good Luck with it all, must be very worrying for you and your dad....


'Proper' phone scams aren't limited to £1 a minute either! I think anyone … 'Proper' phone scams aren't limited to £1 a minute either! I think anyone setting up a premium rate number can levy whatever charge per minute that they want!

No they can't, there are quite strict rules regarding premium rate numbers.


Wow that address is doors from where I work!


No they can't, there are quite strict rules regarding premium rate … No they can't, there are quite strict rules regarding premium rate numbers.John

Ok, maybe I was a little hasty - under Icstis ruling, In the UK the maximum charge per minute that is legally allowed is £1.50


I was getting confused with those horrible recorded messages that call you and ask you to press '9' to continue and then whack a massive charge on your bill - these originate from outside the UK, and can turn out to be very costly!!!!

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