Urgent help needed : DEBT COLLECTORS !!

    I have received a letter for my sister who is not in the country these days. The letter is from a ScotCall Debt collection service and they say my sis owes them 19.98. The matter is not of the money, I would be happy to pay them this to get rid of them. But

    1) this letter feels fake. Do you think its real ? (I've called the company and they seem real but wont speak to me as they will only speak to my sis)

    2) If this the company is real, my sis says she did not receive anything from the company asking for the money and is 100% sure of this.

    3) I managed to get the company to tell me that they have on record that my sis signed for some good. This is obviously not true as sis is 100% sure she has not received anything from the goods company in questions.

    could someone please urgently advise.

    They are threatening to send debt collectors to my home in 7 days 1!! Arghhh :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:


    If you want us to judge authenticity a scan might be a good idea?

    Ask for a copy of the signature provided? They are bound to supply this by law but I believe there is a statutory fee of £1.

    They can't send debt collectors to yours if the debt isn't yours. Just tell em to get lost if they do show -though it seems an empty threat tbh.

    ScotCall are a legit co though - and do abide by The Credit Services Association rules.

    If its legit may have
    ""We intend to arrange a doorstep call by one of our representatives unless within 7 days you respond to this letter and make specific repayment proposals which are acceptable to "SCOTCALL" thereby precluding for yourself further inconvenience or legal and collection expenses."" in it as it seems to be their standard document.

    Freepost address to write to them

    Freepost GW7187 GLASGOW G2 8BR

    Just ask for sig, sign your sisters name.

    what you want to do is make a Subject Access Request (under S.7 DPA) for evidence of alleged debt. If not provided no debt owed. Make sure to say you will be seeking recompense for having to rebuff a bogus debt if they do not provide sufficient evidence.

    Forgot to say add
    "There is an implied licence under English Common Law for people to be able to visit me on my property without express permission, the postman and people asking for directions etc (Armstrong v. Sheppard and Short Ltd [1959] 2 Q.B. per Lord Evershed M.R.). Take note that I revoke licence under Common Law for you or your representatives to visit me at my property, and if you do will be liable to damages for a tort of trespass. You would also be conspiring in a trespass if you sent someone to visit me nevertheless. If you persisted in your threat, I will obtain an injunction." into your letter - If you do they CANNOT come onto your property without you being able to call the cops. NEVER open the door to a bailiff - else they WILL come in and use a walk in possession and seizure order to take goods to the value of debt plus collection fees.

    ScotCall are a debt collecting company, I've had dealings with them about 10 years ago.
    I very much doubt that they will send a debt collector for £20.00, these letters are standard letters. It must say on the letter who they are collecting the debt on behalf of?

    Don't forget they need a CCJ to take anything - and the CCJ won't be against you anyway. If you do pay up make sure to put PAID UNDER DURESS all over the cheque so you can claim it back later.

    Original Poster

    thanks guys !

    I dont have a scanner right now but i do think its an empty threat too.
    The letter if for a company called "Cards for all occaisions" from whom we have not received anything anything at all.
    They say they have proof of signature but obviously this is false. As i said my sis is out of the country and so i will request this via email once I get the address !

    I just spoke to my sis and she says they have been sending letters for months.

    I think its safe to say i will ignore them after sending them an email with the above laws etc in it.

    Company No.[URL="javascript:void(0)"] 04196333[/URL]?

    Might be worth a letter to them asking them to stop harrassing her + demanding compensation?

    Original Poster

    nice work ! Thanks

    it would be nice to get a number so that i can talk to them from work tomorrow. i am actually going away for 3 weeks in 3 days time !!


    nice work ! Thanksit would be nice to get a number so that i can talk to … nice work ! Thanksit would be nice to get a number so that i can talk to them from work tomorrow. i am actually going away for 3 weeks in 3 days time !!

    118118 don't have them listed nor is it on any of their Company House reg details unfortunately.

    Finally something i can share my experience on.

    Scotcall are a legitimate dect collecting agency, but as mentioned before they probably wouldnt send a collector out for this amount. They may outsource it to a doorstep collector but most of these collectors are self employed and so would probably want nothing to do with a debt of this size.

    The company mentioned sounds similar to a company I used to deal with while I worked for a debt collection agency, the company in question was ace cards and gifts. If they are anything like them, then they will almost definitely not have anything signed by your sister and as such have an unenforceable debt. ie they cannot take the matter to court.

    To be honest you can probably just ignore the letter, oyu may get letters in the future from other agencies as that is what they tend to do, they will pass it from onecompany to another in the deluded hope that another letter will get the debt paid. They fail to take into account the fact they have been told the debtor no longer lives there.

    I would request as mentioned earlier a copy of a signed credt agreement / order form and advise them in writing that without this that you wish to receive by return confirmation that there is no outstanding debt. i would be tempted to write directly to the company concerned as well as the agency.

    If any more info is needed let me know.

    Also they have the following telephone numbers: 0870 0133154 01793 835972

    They may not come and get it from you, but your sisters credit rating will suffer if she takes her time paying it. Its such a small amount mate to tell you the truth id just pay it and then think about it later. Having it affect her credit rating is not worth not paying £20

    Original Poster

    thanks guys.
    I understand about the credit rating but its a matter of principle - although you are still correct. I am not sure what to do ... might just pay it tomorrow to get rid of it all.

    thanks again guys - really appreciate all your helpful hint and advice.

    If they'v been sending letters for months they may well have put a mark against her by now anyway - use a free experian report to check.
    If they have paying won't remove it as paying is tantamount to acknowledging it was a correct debt. If they can't prove a debt they are legally bound to remove everything against your sister in the credit registry.
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