URGENT HELP NEEDED - Vulcan XH558 - want to see her fly again?

Found 1st Mar 2009
Evening all, I don't normally post things like this but I felt the need to do this and hope the mods don't mind me doing this.

XH558 is on the brink of extinction - the Vulcan Operating Club is asking for people to make a pledge (not a donation - yet), and only if the magic £1 million mark is reached will the pledges be called upon...The deadline is Friday March 6th 2009.

Take a look on [url]www.tvoc.co.uk[/url] or see here for details: ]YouTube - Vulcan to the Sky Pledge Campaign 2009

If anyone can spare anything, from a £1 to W.H.Y, it would be so greatly appreciated []. This is our engineering heritage...lets honour it and inspire future generations about what Great Britain can achieve [].

You can make a pledge here: vulcantothesky.org/for…asp and click on the flashing 'make a pledge icon' on the top left hand side.

Great video here: youtube.com/wat…=62

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE donate if you can, even if it's a £1 or 2....


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although its not the vulcans fault etc, but i was one of the unfortunate in fairford last year, and missed it. i have a young boy now so i dont think i will ever see it again.

would be good if a few people would chip in.

in the current climate tho, dont know if it will happen, they have already sunk millions into this old plane.
[SIZE="3"]I couldn't agree more, this is truly the last chance saloon for her. Today at work even my sixty year old boss went on line after I mentioned her plight and whacked in a cool £100. Then he went on to tell me of when he used to watch them take off day and night in the sixties. Amazing, I've known him for seventeen years and never has he mentioned his love for this wonderfull flying lady. Cheers to all who put a pound or two into the pot.

Fund is now £982,924. @ 21:35 Friday.
Click below for latest total.[/SIZE]


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