Urgent help needed with Paypal.

    Hey ive come for advice.
    My mate recently sold a Sony PSP for me on Ebay through his account. when the buyer paid thru paypal it informed my mate he wud pay extra because he had gone over a 100 quid a month budget? So he asked me to make a paypal account. so i made an account and he got the guy to tranfer the money from their account to my account. and then he transfered that money from my account to his account. The problem is he transfered the money between the 2 accounts on one computer and as such paypal thought something bad was going on and semi banned both our accounts. Now i cant get the money and he cant get to the money. they have 3 things we need.
    1) answer questions which my mate has
    2) get the code from a letter sent which he asked for but still after 2 weeks hasnt recieved
    3) Proof of ID
    now he sent the ID with his driving liscence but But he is 17 years old not the 18 stated u need to have a paypal account.
    What can we do? i havent sent the psp now and the buyer is starting to get annoyed but i dont want to send it and not be able to get my money!


    WOW, what a pickle you've got yourself in.
    If the buyer has paid you need to send the widget, by a trackable service. In this case Special Delivery if it's worth more than £34.00.
    Your friend should have upgraded his paypal account, too late now but.........
    As for what your going to do now, ummmmmm. I would write to Paypal and explain what happened and why, apologise for trying to scam them by avoiding their fees and see what they say. I suspect they will close both accounts and refund one of you but that will not be for at least 180 days.

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    hmmm ok well ive just gone and sent the psp with recorded royal mail.
    now i need to fight paypal


    hmmm ok well ive just gone and sent the psp with recorded royal … hmmm ok well ive just gone and sent the psp with recorded royal i need to fight paypal

    Is it only worth £34.00? Strange :?
    Don't treat it like a 'fight', after all, it's you and your friend in the wrong not Paypal.:roll:

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    no its worth over but i didnt know about that when i sent it. and i dont think we were really in the wrong.
    this is getting more and more annoying. I keep rinign the phone and all i get is a computer. we still havent got the letter through.

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    p.s has anyone got a number that i can actually talk to paypal with?

    Ignorance is no excuse. If it gets lost you an only claim a maximum of £34.00 from the Royal Mail. What you gonna do then? Things do go missing in the post, look at that letter from Paypal. (You can't cos it's missing lol)
    ] for an alternative number. You NEED to be humble when you speak to them.
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