Urgent Help Required - Does anyone know anything about repairing fridges?

    Our Fridge Freezer seems to have packed up and I just wondered if anyone knows whether they are worth repairing or is it just as well to replace it.

    I'm not quite sure what happened, but I did move the fridge a few inches to retrieve something that had rolled under it, it is still plugged in and the light is on inside, but the Fridge and Freezer compartment are not working.

    Any ideas, many thanks



    [COLOR="Red"]Urgent[/COLOR] Help Required - Does anyone know anything about [COLOR="Red"]repairing fridges?[/COLOR]


    Sorry, no clue. I would suggest checking Yellow Pages for companies that do free estimates.

    If it is an oldish one, they do not like being moved, something to do with the gas in them, try unplugging it leave it for half an hour and plug it back in, after that I do not know.

    one of mine packed in once and when I called someone out to repair it he said it needed the gases replacing thats why it wasn't cold and wanted £90 for its size I went out and bought another one instead and pay for a cover of £2.00 a month incase!

    Believe it or not and contrary to one of the previous posts, freezers can quite often be restarted by 'bumping' them. Simply tilt it up and bang it back down; doesn't always work, but sometimes does.

    The problem moving fridges and freezers is with tipping them over and that s well they should be left for 24 hrs to settle the liquid back down.

    In this case if it has stopped doing anything after just moving it a bit it has to be worth pulling it right out and checking for any loose wires/connection (not while its plugged in!).
    Be careful with calling out these engineers, I called one and he came out in his Volvo estate with a B&Q toolbox, looked at it, tapped the motor with a spanner and said "You need a new one" I asked what was wrong and he started waffleing on about pressure nad gas and brushes. So i said thanks he then held his hand out for £85! callout charge, when I told him that I could only pay by cheque he told me he would call back for cash..... tax fiddle me thinks.
    Anyway just cos its in the yellow pages dont think they are genuine... Dont forget if you did damage it you may be able to claim on your household insurance. ...... :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the ideas everyone, I'm trying a few now!

    Has visions of fridge freezer being rocked all over kitchen in mad last ditch effort to make it work.!
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