Urgent help: Skybox F5s in reboot loop

Found 16th Sep 2015
like the title says, my box is stuck in a reboot loop. I've read online it can be fixed with a rs232 cable but I'm not sure which one to get as I need a USB one. Also what files do I need for the box to work again. Any help is appreciated
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Have you done a google search online to the number yours is getting to before it loops back? I have the F5 and when I first got it, it worked and then after a few days it would get to 90 and then loop back around. Mine ended up being the power adapter, company sent me a new plug and my issue was resolved.

Were you trying any sort of update at the time, channels, firmware etc?

Maybe have a read of this too.
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well I had a f3 which just fried coz of the power adaptor. i found this one lying about and its stuck in the loop, I'm not sure what I did to it. Could you help me by picking out the right rs232 adaptor I need please. I would need a USB one as my laptop doesn't have a rs232 port..
how can I check if its the power supply?
If anyone you know has a skybox you could possibly try their plug and see if that works, would have said use the plug from your old box but if that's what burnt out your last one then I wouldn't.

I don't really know much about rs232 adapter. Worth reading the forums and seeing what people have said and maybe check Amazon and read reviews.
Off the top of my head, I think the power adapter for the F5s is identical to the one for the Now TV box so you could give that a try?
ahh i don't have that, its a 12v plug, anything else I could use?
Karma for stealing from sky, most likely.
I guess your right but you gotta admit you pay loads of money for all the channels
Is it possible to quickly get it to the menu screen just before it reboots? (using the menu key on the remote)
I think you may have bricked it, did you update the channels or anything?
Oh hooked what do I do then? you got a link to unbrick it?
Hopefully someone else can help as I have not used the cable before. Have you checked amazon for the same product, the reviews are usually quite helpful.

Were you doing an update of some sort when the box started looping??
I don't remember param, yeah need help fast as there is no tv in the house lel
I think you need to buy this one. This is from reading the comments on here. Like I say I've not tried this myself so can't guarantee it but it looks like a safer bet.
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