urgent nds rom and supercard ds-one questions

    hi there

    got a question for those supercard ds-one owners

    right on the root of your card you copy the os on it it? yeah
    and then just dummp the roms you need. obvisoulsy you own the original games,

    can you add your games in to a folder called roms and dump the games in there and the card will it pick it up?


    won't hurt to try it

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    ok thing is i dont have a ds thats why am asking as its for my newphew

    i think i ust copy the roms into the main bit...i woldnt put folders in just the files

    i make a folder called games and put them all lin there

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    i make a folder called games and put them all lin there

    does it work?? makign a folder called games and then it managees to get them from there

    well ibelieve it's no different than tt toy m3 r4 and cyclods and i do the same on those
    in fact i believe it starts quicker if in a seperate folder

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    right on my micro sd card i ahve at moment mcforsc.nds and scshell folder and a folder called games

    can i put in the folder called games sub folders like game 1 game 2 game 3 ect or will i get away with dragging the individual nds files

    put the .nds files in the games folder
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