URGENT : Need car parking space in Central London (EC3)

Found 12th Oct 2006
Hi Guys,

Im urgently in need of a car parking space in or around the EC3 area in Central London (Thats the city by the way, if you dont know about EC3. Where the financial businesses reside). NCP car parks and similar ones charge way too much (£13 a days is the cheapest I found).

I found this site where private people are renting out their car parking space and I think its an excellent idea - they make money and people like me gt to park for a good rate. However I cant find any even near EC3 let alone in EC3 (most canary wharf places).

Can anyone help ?
The site is gumtree.com/lon…tml

Thanks peeps !
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anyone ?
i cant really help, but my time on canary wharf (westferry printers) i'd say you'd be lucky to find anything. most car parks are for private use for the particular companies who own them.

cant you not park outside canary wharf, and use the DLR? saying that i think a ticket for DLR is as much as a car park space so youre... either way

EDIT: not a good lead, but near one of the DLR stations/natwest bank(i think its a natwest) and a car garage, was audi (not sure now) there was a small section of road where you could park up as there were no yellow lines haha. they might of caught on now, but the road was around the back of a few buildings etc
It's probably too late now but you could try subscribing to:


and do a search.


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