Urgent need of ideas - what would a three year old girl like for Christmas

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Found 20th Dec 2010
I have just been told that my uncle, aunt and their three year old are coming over on christmas on account of them being stranded in London (they were planning to go to Manchester). Any ideas on what a three year old girl would like would be very very appreciated!



she might like waybuloo or zingzillas from cbeebies, you can buy all sorts of items for waybuloo. my little girl just had her bday last week and we managed to grab loads of stuff. also keep an eye out for peppa pig which is quite popular.

Barbie, ZHU ZHU, Sylvanian Families, dress-up outfit??

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so you hadn't planned on buying her a gift until now oO

No because I was not going to see them for a couple of weeks so I did not see the urgency

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Many thanks all. I will look up the suggestions now. Much appreciated

just buy her a tea party kiddie set

most little girls like polly pocket

The following are popular for that age range;

Angelina Ballerina
Dora The Explorer
Peppa Pig

You could get character pj's or clothes.


The following are popular for that age range;Angelina BallerinaDora The … The following are popular for that age range;Angelina BallerinaDora The ExplorerPeppa PigYou could get character pj's or clothes.

agree with nikki about the pjs-she will get plenty toys from her parents-pjs are always a safe bet some of the all in one character suits are lovely

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Thank you for all your help many thanks! Really appreciated

Beauty and the Beast DVD my little one LOVES it sings all the songs ... so do i X)

if you can get to an elc, they have this at half price....would make fab pressie


Nice block of mild cheddar always goes down well with the kiddies


A better father?

My little girl is 3 and is into Peppa Pig, Ben & Hollies Little Kingdom and loves playing with dolls!
I agree pjs as well...although she might not, they are not too exciting to a 3 year old
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