urgent please help me choose.

    going to call o2 now and need to know what the most expensive phone they have on pay monthly. what can i sell to get the most money? please someone help will leave loads of repp.


    The LG Prada tends to go for quite a bit on ebay I believe. Not 100% without checking that o2 sell it! I'm sure they would though.


    They do sell it, but it, and a few others, may not be free on a cheaper tariff, 18 month ones at around £30-35 should see them a lot cheaper, if not free.

    You could try any new phone, such as the SE P1i and Motorola Z8

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    just called them and turned out i can upgrade next week. i decided to get a n95 is that a good choice?

    its fairly good but i think prada at this time would be a bit better

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    lg prada going price is 200. n95 is around 230-60.

    N95 should be fine, like I said, I wasn't sure if you wanted to pay a small amount for the phone as well as a more expensive monthly tariff or what!

    Good luck with it all!
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