URGENT Printer Help/Advice: IP4300 Canon

    Hi all

    We have been given a Canon IP4300 and have been looking online (Amazon intially), for original cartridges but these have came back at £45.00 +

    First off - Does anyone have one and have you found the inks cheaper than £45 for an original full set?


    Secondly would/can you recommend the compatible inks for a fractions of the price or would you advise to stay clear. We have previously used compat's before, just not the IP4300.

    Any advice, gratefully received.



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    Edit: Also, if anyone has a spare cartridge (original or even better, compatible they no longer need, then I'd take it off their hands to try it before I buy a new full set)

    I have the Canon IP4500 and use compatibles from Cartridge People

    I use

    They sell cartridges that are compatible with the printer, not the original manufacturers.

    £19.98 for a full set.

    Used them for about a year now, no problems with the ink at all and pretty cheap.

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    I've looked at them and they both look canny ... any that use PP would be a bonus as well...

    Would either of you have a spare PGI-5BK (the large black) that you'd be willing to sell (dont like using card details online bar PP)

    Sorry I use Stinkyink for another printer, I don't have the IP4500!

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    no probs Rob, was worth asking m8 - cheers for the recommendation
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