URGENT Safety recall on Mama's & Papas Car seats Nembus, Aureus & Altair

    The advice is STOP using immediately because there is a risk that the plastic contained in the seats could fail in the event of a crash.

    Affected car seats are Mamas and Papas Nembus, Mamas and Papas Aureus and the Mamas and Papas Altair, all multi-group 1/2/3 car seats, were sold via Asda, Tesco Direct and some independents as well as via the Mamas & Papas website and factory outets.

    If you think you have one please check the orange ECE approval sticker on the seat and if the number is 0444596 call Mama's and Papas customer service team on 03332 412154.

    They will arrange for a courier to collect the car seat from you and you will either get a full refund or a replacement. Alternatively, take it to your nearest Mamas and Papas shop. It does not matter where you bought it from Mamas and Papas are dealing with it not the retailers who sold them. You DO NOT need your original receipt either.

    Please pass on to anyone you think might have one.



    Thanks op. I will pass it onto my friends.


    Thanks op. I will pass it onto my friends.

    I think you are supposed to return it to the store...
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