URGENT Sub £300 DIgital SLR Camera. which is the best?

    Hi there,
    I have a budget of £300 and am looking for a digital SLR camera. I know there are a few in this price range but dont know which one to get. Could anyone please advise me of what the best caemra is in this category and also where I can get it cheapest? Thanks a lot!


    have you looked on, they write reviews on there so you may be able to find some cameras you like the look of and then search on there for people's reviews.

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    Yes i have looked. But there doesnt seem to be much consensus. Was wondering what the bargain hunters on here thought.

    loads of good cameras at this price: Without duplicating threads already try searching for Sony Alpha 200, Pentax K100, Olympus E410, Nikon D40. All have their strenghts and weaknesses, so have a read of the threads and then the general feeling is get a shortlist of cameras and get yourself down to Jessops, Currys or similar and have a play with them and see which feels best to you.

    Personally (and this is my opinion only) I'd go for the Nikon D40 (which has cashback) - I don't like the feel of the Sony, the Olympus has a smaller body and isnt suitable for my fat farmer hands and tbh, I havent played with the Pentax so can't comment but generally I quite like Pentax cameras. For the record, I have a Canon 400d, but unless you can find a good deal that will come in about £350, so slightly over budget hence I didnt recommend it.

    I would agree with social lurker and look out for deals on the D40 which is an excellent starter DSLR for the money. Good luck with your bargain hunting!
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