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Found 7th Jan 2010

I received a T-Mobile Pulse for Christmas (Excellent phone by the way) but I have lost the software CD to allow me to connect it to my PC.

Ive been in touch with T-Mobile and they cant send out a replacement. :-(

I would be eternally grateful If there is anyone out there who could possibly send me the software cd? I would return it as soon as it is installed and pay for all postage.

Please message me if you can help and I will send my address details.

Thanks in advance!


The Pulse is made by Huawei model number U8220. I have an HTC Tattoo which is also an Android phone. Since they both run Android this may work.

Connect the phone to the PC and the phone should be recognised as a USB drive. Open an Explorer window to look at the files on the phone. On the HTC the HTCSync application in the root directory. Check for something similar on the Pulse.

If you connect to the PC and it doesn't come up as removable media (like an external hard disk) then go into the phone settings and look for "Connect to PC" and check "Ask me". This will cause the phone to display a message when it is connected to the PC. From this you can set the connection mode to "Disk drive".

Remember I'm talking about an HTC Tattoo Android phone but they should be basically the same.

Hi Spiratti,
If you PM me your address, I can send you a backup copy - you're allowed to make backups of your software aren't you?
Which is a good job, just in case you should lose the original. :oops:
Glad you're liking the phone.
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