urgent - washing machine

    Hey all,

    I'm after a new washing machine as mine has just packed in. Thing is i'm home on a weeks R&R and due to go back next Monday; so need one asap!!!

    Looking for up to about £300 and around a 1600 spin (no need for dryer)

    Thanks all!!!



    I never heard of an 'urgent washing machine' before.

    The dyson washers are fantastic, and worth the extra bucks you need to pay

    Try this abit over budget at £330 but available to pick up from store. (currys)…uct

    There is a Servis at Argos on offer at the moment for £199.99

    Servis M6500 1500rpm 5kg Washing Machine.

    It is only a 1500 spin but is cheap, item No. 4796138

    John Lewis own make is supposed to be really good .

    Original Poster

    thanks guys. Got one and got it delivered and installed 2 days after purchase!!

    Miele still going strong for over 15years at my old place, the only make to use springs instead of concrete ballasts which everyone else uses which is why they break, iirc, more than your budget though.

    Dyson build quality leaves alot to be desired

    I'd be interested to know which model broke, how old is was etc.

    What one did you go for?

    Dyson build quality leaves a lot to be desired. True ! I never buy anything with Dyson on it .Over priced and rubbish .
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