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    Uncle is abroad, staying in a villa with a wireless network. There is no router in the apartment.

    He has been there since Saturday and his laptop has been working fine until now.

    This morning he went to go onto it and it wont connect. It says there is a connection but the internet wont load for him.

    He has a belkin adapter installed but doesnt need to use it (could this be blocking it?)

    As i said, worked fine for days until today - connected but wont load.



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    He is connected to the hotels network. Signal strength is excellent.

    Just no pages will load.

    Perhaps the hotel system is down, has he checked to see if anyone else can use it?

    Could ask the Hotel to reboot the router?

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    The laptop said it is connected to the network. Just pages wont load.

    The hotel said its network is fine and there is no problem witht their internet.

    He might be using his browser in offline mode? Does he have windows live messenger or any other programs that use the internet.... do they work?

    Sounds like a problem with the router to me.

    The connection goes:
    Laptop -----------> Router -----------> Internet
    and it sounds like the laptop is connecting to the router OK, but the router has lost its connection to the internet.

    If reception say "their" internet is OK, they could be on a different network. I find it unlikely that a hotel's computers are connected to the same wireless network that the guests use - they're probably on a separate wired network.

    Would be worth asking others guests to see if they can get on, as suggested above.

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    All sorted now. Asked the hotel to have a look at it.

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