Urgently require Diamond Tester

    Hi everyone,

    I'm going to sell some diamond gold jewellery in the market over the next month but i think it would be better if i can prove that the diamonds are 100% natural and real to ease any worries the customers may have.

    This is why i feel i need to order a reliable diamond tester asap and was wondering if anyone can recommend where i can buy one for as cheap as possible that would arrive quite efficiently.

    Thanks to everyone in advance

    Kind regards



    Ill test them for free MUHAhahahahaha

    ^ i was joking before anyone starts adding anything lol ^

    oooo i can see neg rep flowing in

    How can you order a diamond tester?

    I think you mean ask someone to look at the diamonds for you?

    Original Poster


    A diamond tester is a small machine that beeps when it touches a real diamond and doesn't make a sound if it's fake but it's basically a tool to confirm the jewellery item contains real diamonds without having to rely on the sellers word alone.

    I've copy and pasted the link from ebay for one but i don't wanna touch ebay due to bad experiences and the market being flooded with fakes.…tem

    I grately appreciate anyone that can offer any advice or know of a place to order them with good prices.

    Thank you


    Can't see you getting anything like that cheaper anywhere other than Ebay?

    I have done a quick search and found:

    ]http//ww…tml from £65 inc P&P
    ]http//ww…tml £55.99 but out of stock
    ]http//ww…tml £55

    I don't know what your budget is, but hopefully they might be able to help.

    Original Poster

    Hi mate,

    Sorry i forgot to respond, thanks for the advice and links, they were helpful and i've given you added rep.

    Cheers for that and hope you have a nice day
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