Urgh, Why wont you work!? Iphone and new sim =/

    Hey, i have just come out of my contract and have ordered myself a sim only contract. I have got an iPhone 3GS what do i need to do to be able to get my new tesco sim to work, i was on O2 before. I have got it unlocked by filling out that form on the o2 website a few weeks back but when i put the sim in nothing happens and it say i have got one bar of signal but i cant make any calls or anything.



    Most sims are sent out with a transit block on them, in case they go walk about before they get to you.

    I'd think you'd need to call Tesco CS to get the block lifted before it'll work. They go through security with you, so they know that you are really you (if you follow...)...

    tesco uses the o2 network so i'm surprised it doesnt work straight does take a while sometimes for the sim to register in the phone..

    No. O2 should've sent you a txt informing you that your iphone has been unlocked.

    You simply need to plug it into itunes for it to work - I assume that you have done a sync with itune since?

    ^^^^^ That's a very good point. Have you sync'd since you asked for the unlock ??
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