urgnet help needed!!!!

    i know this is totally the wrong board but i realy need an urgent tip!!

    how do you get felt tip pen off a leather sofa!!!

    ARGH!!! in my excitement of the hamleys deal last night i didnt notice my ivory leather sofa was being drawn on in red felt tip!!!!

    any ideas???


    Hairspray seems an option, or baby wipes.
    Test an out of the way area first incase it damages it.
    More ideas ]-here-

    Another place to ask is Yahoo Answers :thumbsup:

    You could, of course, colour the whole thing in and have a red soafa instead.

    Windex on a soft brush may work too... or acetone-free nail polish remover. Just spay it on, leave it a short time and dab it dry. Probably best not to rub it.

    Once you've done it use your normal leather cleaner/softner too.

    Good luck.

    Original Poster

    Ahh thank you all!!!

    I heard the heairspray thing, gonna buy some tomorrow!!
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