Uruguay v Holland...any thoughts, predictions?

    Fancy having a bet on this tonight and was going to put it on Holland to win, but something is nagging in the back of my tiny brain not too.
    Yes Holland are 100% for the tournement but Uruguay have managed to frustrate and get past all put in their way.
    If the Dutch play like the first half against Brazil I can see the South Americans getting to the final.
    If they play like they did in the second half it will be a breeze.

    Any predictions, although I guess the vast majority will go for a Dutch win.


    my money is on Holland for the tournament

    draw then holland on penalties

    I've gone for Holland 3-1 @ 16/1

    Holland fo sho

    Holland ftw i reckon. might be a tough final against Germany but they will do it. Spain will fall as hard as Argentina,
    Final will be Holland 2-1 Germany.

    I think that one of them will definitely win!

    Before the tournament I had £10 on Germany to win the WC and £5 on Holland @ 10/1 and 9/1.

    Already layed Germany and will probably do the same for Holland if they reach the final just so I break even if they dont win.

    Knowing my luck Spain or Uruguay will win the tournament X)

    holland me thinks

    I've done a monkey each way!


    I've done a monkey each way!

    Isn't that illegal in this country!?!? :0)

    Holland 2-0

    1-1 90mins

    a real test for hollands defense. can see it going to penalties. 1-1 or 2-2.

    My sis has put money on a sweepstake thingy since the start of the comp for Uruguay,so they better win!!


    this shows as a DEAL to me!

    Uruguay 1 - 0. Forlan. Peace!!!
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