US Alexa Skills in UK, specifically TIDAL?

Posted 20th Nov 2018
Is there a way to get US skills added to a UK Echo Dot? TIDAL have released a skill in the US but not in the UK (yet) I'm sure there must be quite a few of us on here with a TIDAL subscription from the various deals that there have been so it would be good if there was a way to add it. Cheers.
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Did you figure this out?
PenguinsForAll29th Dec

Did you figure this out?

No never got it sorted.
Just signed up for 30 days of tidal through plex. Looks to be castrated in the UK. Won't be extending past the free service. Shame.
Not sure if you ever got to the bottom of this, but you can get US Skills in the UK by setting up any US Address (e.g. McDonald's Time Square) on amazon. Massive downside is that you lose all your content purchased on the UK site (not forever, but you won't access it while you access the US Skills).

US Skills in UK Tutorial
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