US Blu-Rays on a PS3/PS4

    Thinking of buying the Saw Collection imported from the US.

    Will it play on UK PlayStations?


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    Off the top of my head, a PS3 plays Region B blu rays as that's the region where the UK is. The USA is Region A so they won't work however quite few of the US blu rays are multi-region (A/B/C) so would play.

    Looking at Saw, depending on where you buy from it looks like a Region A disc so wouldn't work:…VO6 (see details). However there might be a multi region version available?

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    On the blu-ray forum it says it's region free. I'll check the back cover.

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    If you click on the back cover in that link, it has an 'a/b/c' logo. Does that mean it's region free?

    Yep, it does. Also says it's confirmed multi-region here:…180. Not quite sure why Amazon would have it listed as a Region A only unless there's another version? Although the covers all look exactly the same.

    Yeah, should be fine then. Maybe worth an ask through Amazon live chat quickly although will probably be closed now

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    I'll risk it. It's cheap enough to easily get my money back on the bay if not. Thanks.

    Shame I can't post the deal here, it's such a bargain.

    Yeah completely up to you. I did live chat with Amazon but the USA team weren't available so was told they'd get back to me in 6 - 12 hours. Amazon usually do so if you want to wait? Won't be any post tomorrow anyways so shouldn't make a difference on when you make your order?

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    Thanks for that, you didn't have to.

    I'll risk it.

    If you're buying box sets be careful if you watch the extras some blu ray sets have region lock extra discs.
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