US Dollars?

    Anyone know where the best rate is currently for purchasing US Dollars. Going to NYC in mid december! Hoorah!


    Try buying online at travelex and collecting at the airport. They will match anyones rate. However I found a few small travel bureus round kings x and victoria offer better rates with no commission if you are in london.

    Marks and Spencer seem to have good rates - also co-op travel

    try this comparison site


    i used travelex before, can reccomend them. free next day special delivery. i ordered one day, they rang me to check i had ordered, and recieved the next day.
    advice is to pay via bank card because they charge for credit card use.

    I agree with "laltufan" M&S are always a good place to buy.

    I'm going for New Year. Bought £500 US @rate of 2.0142 on Monday which was slightly better than Marks. Commission free and they will price match.

    Got $2.07 today - small bureau de change near Regent Street

    m&s was about 2.01 today for them selling

    Get a Nationwide account and take it out of the "Hole in Wall" when you get there no charge and you get Business Rates. Whenever I go abroad I only take around £50 in exchanged cash and get the rest when I get there.

    Of course if your not going soon and want to stock up while they are "cheap" then I don't know, but I can't see the Dollar recovering anytime soon. It will probs get worse (for the americans) then anything.

    I got my dollars from either the money store or cheque centre for my holiday in August when i went to Vegas as they seemed to offer a little better rate than other shops on the highstreet when I got mine. Dont know if this is still going to be the case though

    go to Marks and Spencers on High Street - normally the best for high streets b-d-c. also commission free

    if buying over 500 quid the post office was 2.02 yesterday (obviously the rate goes up and down daily) and its comission free.
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