US enters 4 more years of destruction. . .

Found 3rd Nov 2004
Bush winning will not just affect the US or the soldiers in Iraq. This is a sad day for the world, I only hope Bush's power will be kept more in check, so his damage can be controlled. Looking at all he has destroyed in just four years, four more could bring the US to its knees.

I can't imagine why ANYONE would want a man like that back in power, or in charge of ANYTHING! This truely shocks me that the people of my country could do this to themselves and the world.

Lets just hope he learnt something from his first term. . .

- acecatcher3
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I find it very scary too. The world's safety and peace rests on the shoulders of this idiot
To me, not to flamebait, but i didnt really see there much of choice between the two - just different faces
we would have had half the problem if the 2 candidates had half the country each... let them squabble amongst themselves in their own country... instead of bush raging war...

as for the next 4 years... when bush gets into full swing, i dont suppose we will see the next 4 years out...

thats my penny worth...
Yep, its very sad that US dont have proper candidates up for elections, also for the 2008 elections, I heard that bill clitons wife will be for as a candidate.
Is it really a democracy where there are only two parties to choose from?

I suppose it is, but don't you think the whole way US elections are orchestrated, make it look like a circus?

Standing George Bush on a box to make him look as tall as Kerry, whilst also having to be placed on extreme opposite sides of the stage. Psychologically making the two "equal".

When it comes down to it, almost all politicians say what they think people want to hear, then once in power find excuses to change policies.

But saying that, the people of America have chosen. You can't call them idiots, as that is the democracy we all have, the right to vote.

As 1 says, let's hope he's learnt something from his first term.
I can think of a few film stars that should have stood...

or even Ronald Mcdonald for that matter...
Well I was slightly disheartened at the outcome as well. I'm not sure kerry would have been much better, but I think it would have been very symbollic on a global level if bush was ousted.

Now for all you who want to help out the half that did not vote for bush - they need an escape.... just register your details... what are you looking for in your Yank? It's canadian, but lots of people in germany and the uk and allover are pitching in:



Edit: maybe I should have put this in the hot deals section!
i personally think bush is a wacko, maybe america thinks there being funny voting him in again
well i did say the americans would always laugh at anything, even when their countries sanity is at sake
although bush is an idiot, i think that it was right to go to war with iraq however his motives were wrong (WMD)

although bush is an idiot, i think that it was right to go to war with … although bush is an idiot, i think that it was right to go to war with iraq however his motives were wrong (WMD)

with current estimates of iraqy civilian deaths exceeding 100,000 & climbing... whole families wiped out... not to mention the rising military deaths... the constant indiscriminate bombing... at this rate, sadam will seem small fry compared to bush in the end... its all pointless...

was it right... I certainly dont think so...

anyway, thats enough doom & gloom, its only my opinion, & I dont want wars on here...

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