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Ive read before about some of you guys purchasing stuff of the US PSN but never got round to doing it. My daughter wants a few of the animal dynamic themes like the Afrika one and the new Shark Week theme.

Right, i have Paypal and also a Visa debit card but is there any way i can add funds to my US account using these, or is there an easier method of doing it? Any help much appreciated ;-)


You can get the Afrika theme for free off the Japanese PSN, perhaps the Hong Kong one as well which is in English but I'm not sure.
I have it and it is very good, one of the best dynamic themes. I got it off the Japanese PSN.

As for buying stuff off US PSN, you can buy PSN prepay cards off Ebay and use them with a US account.

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The Afrika theme was free.. unfortunately now its pay :-(

You say prepay cards... so will one from say Zavvi work like i have done in the past for the uk store ?
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No, a USA prepay card bought off ebay. Pay cards are region specific.

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Thanks guys... just looking now and a $20 card works out around £13.
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