Found 25th May 2007
Looking for a website or websites who send goods from usa to uk looking to buy electronics etc ie 5.1 systems, general stuff, amps etc

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Don't forget the duty and Voltage.

I'm interested to and i think i asked on here.

With the pound to the dollar being so strong, Some bargains for sure!

not just vat but shipping from the USA is also expensive. You can rent a usa address for 10 a year (5 Quidco) then they can post stuff for you ]http//ww…spx.

So find yourself some good deals

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but problem is most retailers ie amazon, bestbuy etc dont send abroad yeh i dont know the voltage on that system how do u work it out?

Voltage is easy to sort ut you can buy an adaptor for about 5

Forgive me for a silly question, but how do the fees differ from Amazon sending you stuff, and your rented address sending it? Or do you rack up so much that it works out cheap anyway?

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it recommends signing up to…tml

seems good

Why do all these companies have rubbish websites?

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i know uk ones are much easier


it recommends signing up to … it recommends signing up to ] good

these would be the one i use less than 2.50 a kg if you send over 70kg ideal for my business

Only really good business if you have the money to start off with I suppose.

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so someone please recommend me a mail forwarding service?

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bump plz

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hi thats been most helpful and useful, so have u ever used myus?
they said that they do there best to avoid charges or do they do that so they can sting people?!

ps do you buy and sell toys?

personal-do you mean marking it as a gift?
when you buy goods from usa do you incur salex tax?

im sorry for these questions!

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thats a bummer so even if i had a address id have to pay sales tax is that including the net?

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thank you!x
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