US Senate lifts 'don't ask, don't tell' gay soldier ban

    Was getting a little disheartened of late seeing all the "satirical" and some downright offensive posts about gays and lesbians here in HUKD.
    so instead of wasting time on them I thought I'd bring happier news
    I know this is in the US, but this is so much bigger than that.…657


    Fantastic news just amazed that it has taken so long. Can't believe issues like this still need amending in the year 2010.

    Brilliant news. About flippin time.


    At last.................

    Where can I sign up?


    Heavy bumming is not a crime


    Good news. Stupid rule in the first place.

    Bout time init!
    Should be able to 'come out' and be proud of who they are. If it werent for the ignorance of some, there wouldnt be a problem.

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